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As a Corporate Leader you have big plans, big dreams, and you are always looking to take the company up to the next level. As a very ambitious leader you work at least 80+ hours a week, dealing with a lot of pressure and stress because of the responsibilities either for growing the company and taking care of the employees at the same time. You’ve realised something has to change. You FORGOT about you.

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“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit.
  You are, what you repeatedly do.” 

Do you want to win more with the company? Learn to deal with pressure from the bigger challenges and dealing with the pressure like Athletes do? Are you looking for a person who gives you extra brainpower, clarity how to juggle and handle the pressure?
Or do you want to transform your employees into Corporates Athletes?

“Become a Corporate Athlete program’ is a coaching & workshop program to learn more about creating the Athlete version of yourself: achieve more without burning out.

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My Story

It’s all about facilitating & coaching leaders improving the Corporate performance in order to become the winning company of the future. Which starts with getting clear on the future of the company.

I have been an Athlete in the past and developed my own Corporate Athlete identity which has assisted me accomplishing many (career) dreams. I breathe in ‘Believe & Go for it’ and when you talk to me my energy already gives you the feeling that you really want to get out of your way and make a bigger impact in this world today.


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