How's Your Day?

The mission

Yorin the day’s mission is create win-win strategies for Corporate leaders and organisations to improve their game plan to championship beyond profit.

We facilitate high performance leaders to become more effective by mastering their time. We get them to the championship and help you avoid team players going offsite.

It’s not about winning the war;
It’s not about mobilising your troops;
It’s not about sacrifice and just win;
It’s not about looking angry to get respect…

This is about creating efficient sustainable solutions;
Where everybody wins;
This is about being an authentic leader who cares;
Where you earn respect;
This is about managing time and energy to enjoy being an effective leader.

“Become a Corporate Athlete” is about being the top of your game

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The story

I have been an Athlete in the past and developed my own Corporate Athlete identity which has assisted me accomplishing many (career) dreams. I breathe in ‘Believe & Go for it’ and when you talk to me my energy already gives you the feeling that you really want to get out of your way and make a bigger impact in this world today.

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