The health design tools: which one do you need?

Yes! You have set your SMART goal. Great!

Check your goal on:

1. Does it feel like it’s possible? Or does it feel overwhelming? If it feels ‘overwhelming’ or ‘not possible’, make the goal smaller.
Narrow the focus until the goal meets YOUR level of ‘it’s possible’.
The best goals are the ones you can see yourself having achieved them: replace the question ‘I want to achieve…’ by ‘How did I achieve…?’

2. Have you noticed there is a part of you that really wants to get there, but there is that other part saying the opposite? What is holding you back? Why do you think it CAN’T happen? The “DO NOT WANT” part will sabotage your journey. And it is important to be aware of this as well.

So where to begin when it comes down to hashtag#health? You google on training & diets, read some blogs about what to do with your current diet & exercise regime and get inspired by those healthy looking people on Social Media like the Brad’s or Doutzen. So many opinions, so many ways.
Let me take you through the design-your-health-tools I work with:

1. Training -work OUT:
-150min p/wk

2. Recovery -work IN:
– Daily movement
– Sleep
– Food
– Mindset

Where do you think you need to improve?

If I say around 20% is training and 80% is recovery.
What will be your answer again?