Do you invest in rest?

‘If you deprive yourself from sleep, you can’t recover physically, your immune system weakens and your brain becomes foggy. Or, as research shows, sleep deprived individuals experience increased risk of viral infections, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, mental illness and mortality.
Many of the health-related problems people present with can be attributed to UNDER-RECOVERING’ FMAStrengthinstitute

Get your basics right, in this order:

1. Sleep
2. Food
3. Physical activity

Do you know what the biggest energy activity is for our body?
Not that one. 😉
It counts for 60-70% of total energy expenditure: your body is busy maintaining the body’s system and regulate body temperature. How much sleep do you need? Most research state 7-8 hrs. But it differs per person. So how many hours do you feel energised after waking up?

When you having trouble switching off, set up a night routine:
– braindump: write (negative) things down;
– reduce screen time: blue light can keep you awake longer.
– achieve calm mindset: read a book, listen to (relax!) music or meditate with an app like Calm.
– think of at least 2 new things that you are grateful for.

Still not switched off and not at sleep? Accept it: you’re still resting.