“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit.
  You are, what you repeatedly do.” 

As a little girl I looked up to my dad. Aged only 32 he became CEO (1,400 employees). This obviously was a very very big jump in his career. 

He worked a lot, I mean… a lot. Always busy and stressed with work on his mind, talking softly to himself making calculations (millions this, thousand that). When he came home from work he loved it (and he still does) when I took his shoes off. 

Seeing him every Sunday afternoon on the couch sleeping to recover from work. 

Working all evenings/weekends in his little office, filled with the scent of many terrible cigarettes. 

Guess what… he figure this CEO business out all by himself. 

This big jump in his career came with a high price for our family life. There was a lot of stress & negativity.

I always loved to hear his stories about work. ‘Jorien, always greet everyone, treat everyone the same regardless of their position in the company’. Or, ‘this is what it costs in time & money to get my own coffee versus somebody bringing it to me’. I loved helping him out and learning from him with little tasks in the office (like folding enveloppes of X-mas cards for entire company).

Saturday nights where the best, most of the time. That’s when my dad was relaxed, funny, laughing about his own jokes. I was always hoping for him to be relaxed, so I could experience & connect with this version of my dad. 

I was 19 yrs when I got my first small role leading a team of cleaners, right when my parents decided to divorce. My worries increased significantly as my dad moved out. I ended up buying him a parakeet, so he didn’t need to come home alone with no one saying hello. All I wanted was him being ok and I was there for him. I always felt responsible for the happiness of both my parents.

It’s definitely not about the quantity time, it is how you show up for yourself that defines quality time. 

Becoming a Corporate Athlete is about taking better care of yourself. It is about enjoying working 80-hours a week and not feeling guilty when you are not at home to interact with your daughter. A daughter who would love to take your shoes off and to joke around with. You don’t need to feel guilty because she sees you’re fulfilled and taking care of yourself by having the right support.

My drive as a consultant, coach & facilitator is to create strategies for situations CEO’s are dealing with; the journey from new innovations for growth, executing changes, to being a sounding board to exchange ideas about moving forward.

But there is more.
According to ‘Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey’ there is a 30% increase in performance and productivity for business that implement wellbeing strategies for their leaders.

Yor-in the day is the catalyst for improvement on a personal and corporate level. With bigger challenges, better support is necessary. Just like Athletes.

Yor-in the day, do you make the best out of your day?

Me in short facts:

Passion: weightlifting, squash and dark chocolate almonds
No, thanks: talk before 10am
when driving, I think left is right and right is left. Lots of detours when asked or given directions.