Who are you?

I’m a 100% Dutch, very straight forward and down to earth woman, migrated from The Netherlands to Adelaide in 2016.

Why did you move to Australia?

Personal growth: to have a life & work experience in a different country.

The experience so far: ‘it was 80% out of the comfort zone’. Everything in life changes, setting up your own work & social network from scratch. It was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done. Change is not about doing new things, but letting go of the life I had. I had a great job, great lifestyle… only the weather was not that great at all times.

But was it worth it?

‘Yes, the stretch (personal growth), is huge. It was not always easy or enjoyable due to homesickness, which is all about feeling accepted in Australia. My identity has been redesigned: learning to be less direct and more polite, more patient, less worried about not having a job at the start. The best part is meeting the variety in people from all over the world in just one city.

What did you do before you came to Adelaide?

‘With a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and many diploma’s as in Marketing, Projectmanagement, Procurement, Interior Design I worked over 15 years in the Corporate world from Interim Professional, Manager, Director and Marketing Consultant in different industries. I have learned as long I could create, inspire, change & challenge mindsets of people, I am at my best.

Why the Athlete Mindset?

I have reached many goals like;
> as a young girl of 15yrs competing in Judo on National level,
> in the Corporate world leading 60 employees at the age of 30,
> advising Directors how to grow their business,
> and migrating to Australia.
All thanks to the mindset of ‘Believe and Go for it’, which to me means: focussed on the goal, disciplined, overcome fears, have the right support. The mind is the key to success.

After finishing different coaching courses and working as Personal Trainer in Australia, I combine all my previous Corporate experiences to facilitate you & your employees create the Athlete Mindset:

  • Clarity on the mission, purpose & values of you;
  • The mindset to ‘Believe and go for it’ to keep moving forward the mission;
  • Tools to manage obstacles during peak performance;

So, what’s your purpose in life?

Dare to be different.

Me in short facts:

Passion: weightlifting, squash and dark chocolate almonds
No, thanks: talk before 10am
when driving, I think left is right and right is left. Lots of detours when asked or given directions.