As a young girl of 15yrs she competed in Judo. Her coach said one day: let’s make you a champion. And his believe became her believe.
She competed every weekend all over the country. Her coach said: ‘eat healthy, no fast-food and don’t drink soft drinks’. She did whatever was needed.
After 2 years I reached the Dutch Championlevel. She didn’t win.
But at that moment she realised she didn’t like to be obsessed about her weight every week. She didn’t like this way of living. So, she quit Judo on a high level.

Her take-aways from this experience:

  1. The mindset to believe and to go for it. You do whatever it takes to reach your goal
  2. What are you willing to give up to reach your goals.
  3. Actions aimed at reaching the goal are non-negotiable.

So back to that same mindset in the Corporate World. As a little girl of 10 yrs. she looked up to her dad, who was a CEO of a company with 1,400 employees. Her dream was to become just like him.
Jorien started the study Business Administration (and never stopped studying by the way). Aged 19 she had her first job leading a small team of cleaners. Her next goal was to be Manager of a department. She became an interim professional and after various interim jobs she reached her goal and became Regional Manager of one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands.
The first year, she loved it. But then she faced a burn out… well… almost. Migraines were always the one to remind her: hey, slow down! But she couldn’t make the migraines go away.

By that time, she found someone in the company to support her. And that person always said: “you can complain about the things in work, but then also tell me what YOU have done about it”. So, she did and figured out she needed to be in a different environment and role.
She took on a role as a Director at a large Aged Care company and asked for a coach as she realised, she was about to put a lot of pressure on herself again. She wanted to become a good leader and empower the coordinators and the 60 employees.

Her leadership coach put a massive mirror in front of her. Her new lessons;

  1. Take care of yourself, so you can better take care of the staff.
  2. Stop being so hard for yourself.
  3. Do the things you really enjoy and gives you energy.

And she talked about her other dreams. One of which she dreamed of ever since 2003 was moving to Australia…

Anyway… she ended up being in her most fulfilling role within a very conservative company: Advisor Business Development & Innovation to the Board. Advising CEO’s and implementing a lot of projects….till 2016. Yep… that’s when she moved to Adelaide.
And what mindset turned the dream of moving into reality?

We are not migrating to Australia but we will temporarily live somewhere else…

Do you want to become a Corporate Athlete?