The Health Summit

For high achievers who want to upgrade their self-confidence to improve physical health and mindset for the long term. It’s learning about health and creating new habits. Just like Athletes do. This is combination of lifestyle coaching and training. Do you want:

  • design your lifestyle plan?
  • learn, create and implement healthy strategy’s & habits?
  • to have fun during training?
  • to be a part of same minded community of high achievers?
  • look and feel good?

At Goodlife CBD Yorin the Day offers:

  • up to 2x week semi-private Personal Training-sessions*
  • fortnightly 30 min. strategy calls;
  • access to workshops and seminars in Adelaide to learn and network with others;
  • online tracking of your results to keep you accountable.

* You are already using a (home)gym or see a PT? Jorien will provide a lifestyle plan which in corporates injury free
movements which you can use anywhere. Depending of the context of your lifestyle.

Business coaching

Are you a Business owner who want to achieve more and currently feeling stuck and not moving forward? The day are more of busyness as in charge of the business? As a Business owner it is necessary to be clear on the next steps to where you want to be, keep focussed on your goal and remove the BS that’s holding you back.

With Athletes, they have a lot of support, but when they in the game they need to manage their own mindset themselves. BS need to be removed and to manage their mindset they have a lot habits around their ‘believe and go for it’.
This program helps you:

  • get clear on your goal and the next steps;
  • get clear on where your business can perform better;
  • how your believe & go for it looks like;
  • define your succes habits to keep focussed and manage your mindset.

Jorien her ‘Dutchness’ or directness will help you get of your own way, keeps you focussed and accountable to do the work in order to increase your business-level.

Executive Coaching

As a leader you walk around in your 6-pack with a bit protection layer but taking care of yourself is half battle done but won’t just move the company forward just by yourself and you big dreams and goals. You need others as well to move forward. Do you have the right strategy in place? Are you clear on the next steps in implementing towards the company, it’s stakeholders and it’s clients?

A lot of stakeholders where you have to deal with: weather is your employees, managers and board-members. How to get them all in the same direction towards the company’s vision? Prioritise the performance of your company with this performance program:

  • How to perform better motivating your employees and stakeholders?
  • Increase work performance of the company by less absenteeism and injury claims;
  • Improve the mindset of your employees.
  • Gain productivity in the company.