Corporate solutions
Situations in turbulent times need to being solved as soon as possible. Extra brain-space, bounce of ideas, a good and simple plan is needed to keep moving forward as a company.

  • Focus sessions to spent the time needed on the projects that matters the most;
  • Creative breakthrough sessions facilitate with¬†as many stakeholders or complex situations asks for many different creative solutions for problems;
  • Assessment – Strategy – Execute; to make sure we all have the same starting point to analyse, find the right strategy’s for the gaps and what’s needed to execute the plan.
  • Coaching 1 on 1 to keep focussed on the future and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Beat Burn Out program (3 – 12 months)
When we emotional drained we don’t have any energy left for other things. Which we beat up our self for it because of the fear of missing out on business opportunities and your role as a leader.
In this program we look at where can we reduce energy wasters and where can we increase energy. Everything to keep you on top of your game where you look and feel good.

  • Eat the right nutrients based our your unique DNA with a nutrition program;
  • Move or exercise based on your current mental & physical stresslevel;
  • Strategies to daily relaxation based on your personal values;
  • Time & stress management keep showing up for yourself;
  • Mindset tools to master the emotions;
  • Coaching to keep you focussed and troubleshoot obstacles on the journey.