Do you want to create and act with a Corporate Athlete mindset so you perform at your best in work and life? Are you looking for new strategies to achieve more in less time? And it would be great to have a partner and Alpaca at home who still recognise you when you come home? I help you to find time making YOU a priority and perform as a Corporate Athlete.

Or you find yourself the Corporate Athlete as a leader who’s has a solid business case of self-care, wins every day, and want more success for the company? Your idea is to have more productive, happy and creative employees who are able to motivate themselves and set priorities in line with the Corporate mission.

The ‘Become a Corporate Athlete’ program is for Corporates who want to be the winning company of the future: win more, without burning out. By learning to master Mindset & Health you create more creative and self-motivated employees.

I’m looking forward to working with you and/or your employees to develop the Corporate Athlete Mindset for your organisation to win more.

Become a Corporate Athlete

As a Corporate Leader you want to deal better with pressure and stress during Peak Performance. You want to have laser focus when crucial decisions need to be made about a 7+ figure project in China. And you still want to make time for Golf, your family and the jumping Alpaca at home without feeling guilty when you think about work. I will help you find the time to make yourself a priority.

Improve your wellbeing by learning to master your mindset and health. Just like Athletes do. This coaching program helps you achieve more without burning out. You will get clarity about your personal life plan: mission, purpose and values in life. This helps you to make better decisions for your business case or self care.

The 12 months ‘Become a Corporate Athlete’ program includes:

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching;
  • Weekly 30 min. check-ins on Skype/Zoom/FaceTime;
  • Online health program with goals focussed on exercise/movement, nutrition, sleep and mindset;
  • Stress management and time management tools;
  • Access to a community of Corporate leaders from Australia and The Netherlands. Share knowledge, learn more and network with same-minded Corporate Athletes.

Become the winning Corporate

As a confident leader you walk the talk, lead by example and you feel feel energised in your 6-pack (with a bit protection layer). You believe increasing well-being will increase success rates of the company.  You want your employees to perform more. The most productive employees are the ones who believe in the mission of the company. As a leader you have 50% influence on the company’s culture and employee performance. The other 50% is about employees who do what they love doing, and that comes down to their own values.

Is well-being part of the main focus of the company this year? Are the current Health & Wellbeing programs including options like free gym memberships, subsidised in-house massages and can these programs use some improvement? This Corporate Athlete program will help the company to the next level.

Increase the revenue by prioritising the wellbeing in your company with a tailored Peak Performance program:

  • Design a Corporate Athlete person for employees in workshops & seminars on topics like goal setting, values, nutrition, movement and mindset;
  • Implement habits, routines & rituals to keep wellbeing a priority and decreasing costs for absenteeism and injury claims;
  • Time management: learn to set priorities, boundaries and laser focus in work.
  • Stress management: introduce mindset tools showing pressure and stress are your partners in meeting the corporate’s goals.
  • Learn communication skills to communicate effectively with others about wellbeing, time and stress management without getting too personal.