Work is the most important part of your life. The level you are operating on gives you a lot of responsibilities and therefore a lot of stress.
You believe a healthy lifestyle helps to achieve more in life. You just need to find the right sustainable strategies where you learn to take care of yourself more and continue to achieve more at the same time.

Life quality is very important for you. You want to feel and look good. And be a good partner as well.
You are all about quality food & services and not about quantity or freebies. Investing your money on anything that has an impact and makes a difference in this world.

I will facilitate so you can lift the best parts out of your body & brain, stored anywhere between your biggest toe and the tip of your ears. Your performance will increase, because:

  • you can say ‘yes’ to Sauvignon without feeling guilty;
  • you say ‘yes’ to stress and use it as an advantage through a positive mindset;
  • your Alpaca and partner are smiling more to you because you feel &  look good.
  • the healthy meals are really enjoyable and give you energy during the day;
  • valuable time is spent efficient: you can even handle more workload AND workout 3 times a week;
  • your brain has become stronger than your biceps and decision making about a 6 & 7 figures projects becomes easier;
  • negative mindsets are education exercises and you know what strategies you can use to stretch your performance.

How it works

Step 1: Are you ready-for change consult?
Are you ready to commit to change? Are you Coachable and open minded to apply new strategies into your busy life?

This is where you get me in your corner troubleshooting the biggest obstacles between you and success – and building out your game plan to win.

Result: we explore if we can work together. After all: time is valuable to both of us.
Duration: 30 min.

Step 2: Health consult
This consult we take a closer look at:
– your goal & priorities
– current lifestyle in terms of food, sleep, daily activity
– stress levels & mindset
– structural & functional assessment of your body to create a personal
training program that suits your lifestyle.

Result: your focus on improving your health.
Duration: 60 min.

Step 3:  Personal Trainings Program
The health consult provides information for tailored training program and strategies for the business case of self care related to: improve your sleep, nutrition and activity.

Depending on your current lifestyle context and focus for your personalised training there are two options:
1. Train with me at Goodlife CBD,
– when exercising is new to you,
– want to know what exercises are best for you,
– and learn how to do them by yourself.
2. Use the tailored training program with any Personal Trainer or use the program anywhere
when you are travelling or at your home gym set up.

Step 4: Lifestyle strategy sessions
Preparing is the key for change. The more you can manage obstacles upfront the better result you get to your point B. Once a week we evaluating last week progress, used strategies and/or obstacles. We set new small strategies to keep on improving on all the lifestyle and health topics as sleep, nutrition, training and mindset.

It’s the part where you learn to master the strategies and actions that suits you towards your goal. To learn to take better care of yourself that suits your lifestyle.

Result: mindset management tools & health strategies to apply in life and work.

Step 5: Educate & Empower – Academy –
During workshops and seminars you learn new tools for your mindset and health as well as meeting like minded people. In this exclusive peer group you will find support and tools to become the best version of yourself for the long term. The best version of yourself will set example for others and you will become a leader with sustainable impact.

Result: the Corporate Athlete who master it’s mindset & health